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Spiced Mocha Shake
Take a break from all big holiday projects and make yourself a merry little vegan coffee shake with tones of cinnamon and nutmeg, creaminess from cashews and sweetness from dates.
Vegetarian Meatballs + Nordic Christmas
A spread of traditional Swedish Christmas recipes with an untraditional twist. Who’s up for some easy vegan Meatballs and Saffron & Ginger Ribs this Christmas?
Summer Rice Salad with Halloumi & Strawberries
Here is a beautiful and hearty salad for summer parties and family gatherings. It’s colorful, packed with flavor and has a nice chewiness to it.
Three Great Summer Spreads
 We created these crisp bread topping recipes for a celebration last week and thought you might enjoy them too. A Swedish summer spread, a herby green pea hummus with a sting and the classic bell pepper and sunflower seed spread from our first book.
Rhubarb Crumble Sheet Cake + Swedish Fika Contest
Today we are teaching you about the Swedish coffee + cake ritual known as Fika, share the recipe for a delicious Rhubarb Crumble Cake and have a fun competition where you can win a trip to Stockholm and a fika with us!

Welcome to our new website! Home to all our recipes, videos and books.


Hello and welcome to our new home.

We started Green Kitchen Stories in 2009 — ten whole years ago! — and the site has basically not changed at all since the very beginning. But after years of talking about a redesign, we finally got it done. This is Green Kitchen Stories 2.0 and we are really happy with how it has turned out.

There is a new and totally improved recipe archive where you can see preview images of all the recipes and scroll or filter the categories.  A Life & Travel section where we have gathered some of our travel guides and photos and posts about the kids. A much improved book section and a new video section. We will also be adding a shop later on that we are very excited about!

Hope you will enjoy the new site!
Big love!


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This is our new book with modern and vegetable focused meals for families. It is filled with lots of dinner recipes and tips on how to get kids to eat more greens, lunchbox ideas, snacks and fun desserts. And also some comforting thoughts for days when bowls are left untouched and food end up tossed on the floor. You can read more about the book.


Green Pancakes — Three Ways
We love green pancakes (aka spinach crêpes) in our family and are constantly exploring more ways to incorporate them into various meals.
Vegetable Flatbreads
                                                                            These colorful flatbreads are quick to make, have only 3 ingredients (well kind of, if you are not counting salt or pepper) with the main one…
Spinach & Quinoa Patties
                                                                                   We make these tasty patties using leftover cooked quinoa.  They are great in a burger bun, but most of the time we add them to bowls…
Turmeric Breakfast Muffins
We have had an unusually intense relationship with these muffins for the past couple of months. Different varieties of them have been…

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